DOS AMBIENTES-live site-specific piece

Based on the multi awarded dance-video DOS AMBIENTES , Rodrigo Pardo adapted his creation originally made for fitting in his own appartment in Buenos Aires to a house in Naples/IT, resulting in a site-specific piece in which audience follows the characters from room to room, witnessing at the same time the creative process and the piece itself that is developing in front of them

 " () Like ghosts born out of their imagination, we follow Pardo and Wanka into the bathroom, kitchen and living room, where they demonstrate that in dance the main thing is the fun of feeling each other. The passion, the elegance, the sinuosity, the precision of the interpreters are the alchemy of two spirits caught in the embrace of shared desires."
Matteo Brighenti / 8-8-2019

Link to complete review "" (Italian)


Choreography and direction: Rodrigo Pardo
Rodrigo Pardo , Rosalie Wanka
Original music:
Miguel Rausch
Lucia Bianco

Commisoned by ALTOFEST NAPOLI 2019

Space donnors: Fabrizzio Schirru- Alessandra Salomone